Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today's the day!!!

I am finally going to try and input some breakfast recipes into the cook book. Yay, I'm so excited and I cannot wait. I just have to remind myself that I have to take it slow and relax, its going to be a slow process but an exciting one. The photos will just have to wait, mainly because they haven't been photographed and secondly I don't want to rush the process. I don't want to have photos just showing plates of food, I want to try and show the food off in different ways and possibly different settings. We have a big camping trip organised in October, so I am sure some photographs will be taken then. Our favorite foods which can also be cooked on an open fire always come with us camping, they mainly consist of homemade baked beans, Greek couscous salad, pancakes and flavored buttered corn. It does not matter where we cook I love it, although to be honest you can not beat cooking on an open fire, the atmosphere is awesome and some how the food always tastes better.

Yesterday our neighbor gave us a huge bouquet of fresh herbs that he had grown, it consisted of parsley and green and purple basil. They smelt so fragrant that Ian and I were sneezing most of the night when we entered the kitchen. Tonights dinner will be pizza made with homemade pizza dough. I may make two, one with the herbs in the crust and one with the herbs on the pizza. We can then have a taste test. My favorite pizza topping is mozzarella, salami, spinach and an egg. I love it when the egg oozes out all over the pizza. Ian loves meat, which man doesn't!

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