Monday, August 31, 2009

Re-writing recipes

Last night I managed to convert four recipe instructions into a format that could be easily understood. It wasn't as bad as I thought, although I do have to make the blueberry sauce for my pancakes so I know what quantities are needed. I tend to just add what I think is right to get the correct consistency and hey presto. Unfortunatley that does not wash when your writing a cook book, people want a baseline so they know how it should turn out.

During the process of re-writing the recipes my mind was drifting off as to how the book would look, so I wrote a rough plan of what I wanted on each page. I'm getting so excited to start inputting my recipes into the book and watching it  grow. I think I need to have a few days off work to really start inputing the recipes. It is not something you can rush. The computer package for designing the book takes a while for you to get your head around so I need to start playing and experimenting with themes and backgrounds. I always want to run before I can walk, so patience is the key.

Moving onto another subject. I have had some good feedback on the blog. My sister in law (although not quite married yet) has already put an order in for the book and thinks its a great idea and colleagues at work think the blog is awesome.

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