Friday, August 28, 2009


Breakfast is one of the best meals for me. It can last for the longest time especially on the weekend when home is less busy. After a nice sleep in, there is nothing like having a lovely leisurely mid morning breakfast where time can be put into preparing the upcoming feast. In my house the first thing to go on is the coffee pot and after enjoying our first mug, my thoughts usually move onto what we can eat for breakfast. Eggs are abundant in Canada so they usually appear on our breakfast plate as an edible delight. They can be incorporated within a muffin or served scrambled, the list is endless. Ian and I often enjoy pancakes with syrup or fresh blueberries warmed through with a little sugar water and with a side of bacon these go down a treat. Any left over pancakes, which they tend not to be can be frozen. The same goes with the muffins.

Breakfast does not have to be complicated. My favorite breakfast is a toasted bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon sprinkled with capers and sweet red onion. Platters of fresh fruit are also common in our house and topped off with yogurt and granola, they make a light breakfast for a summers morning. A lazy day with a sumptuous breakfast is the best, you just can not beat it.

I like to keep food simple (especially breakfast) and let the ingredients speak for themselves. I don't want to mingle all the flavors together, so that your senses can not determine what is in the dish. I want your mouth to burst with flavor each time you eat one of my dishes, tasting every individual ingredient and with breakfast I think you need that. The breakfast recipes planned for my book will reflect this.

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