Friday, August 21, 2009

Where to start

"Believe in yourself" If you don't, how is anyone else supposed to. It also helps that I have a fantastic boyfriend who supports me. When I told him of my idea he thought it was great... We always live by a rule.. Life's for living go live it!!! Ian is a great photographer, so he has a mission to take all the pictures required for the book. Two talents rolled into one. What a great relationship...

At first I thought why do people want another cook book? There's TV channels dedicated to food and book store shelves stacked to the brim. After researching what was out there, I came to the opinion that there were many TV celebrity books and the themed books. I want my book to be about me, a non professional non trained cook, who makes great dishes whatever the theme. I want it to be interactive with the reader, so they can get to know what influences my food choices and how I feel about food. I want readers to write in the book, adding there variances to the recipes. What worked for them and what didn't!! A bit like a diary. I want it to be FUN. Many cookbooks I see in peoples kitchens are pristine, mine is designed for getting messed on. I'd rather it be used than just for show.

So in a way I'm selling me.... my personality alongside my favourite food.

I don't have a particular cooking theme. I like food from various regions. I was brought up in England in the late 70's, early 80's when food was becoming exciting. European and Asian influences were abundant. I always remember the meat and two veg dinners, but spaghetti bolognaise and sweet and sour pork were regulars.

Mum is an excellent cook, the older we got the more experimental she became in the kitchen. Mum, Steph and I often trade recipes or question what was in a dish that we had. Dad isn't too bad in the kitchen,but mum does the majority of the cooking. I remember once when mum was away, dad had made chicken and mushroom pie, that he was so proud of. He made the pastry from scratch and got me to slice the cold butter into the flour. Our hands were not allowed in that bowl at all!!! It turned out good.

I like my recipes to be simple but tasty. I don't like very heavy dishes, although I do have a fantastic beef stew that tastes divine with rosemary mashed potatoes. My recipes are adaptable, they can be used for lunch or dinner (Ian often takes leftovers for lunch the next day) and they can be dressed up for dinner parties or served rustic. Its all in the way it is presented. Presentation is key. Remember I LOVE TO COOK, but I also love everything that goes alongside planning, food prep and setting the table.

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