Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend fun

I had a lovely day out with my friend Claire. Spent the morning wandering around ten mile nurseries. Entered every competition at the local wedding fayre with the exception of winning a not so attractive photo frame. Chose the design of my wedding cake. Picked over all the crafts at Edgewood farms. Supported our local fire fighters by having a true Cariboo lunch (2 hot dogs with all the works). Then spent the afternoon grooming a gorgeous horse named Shadow and watching her do her stuff in the arena. Lovely day!!! Life is good :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday morning

Chickens fed, dogs walked and seedlings watered. Not bad for 8.30 in the morning eh!

I can,t believe my seedlings are flourishing. The radishes are in the lead followed by the peas, then the carrots and onions. The tomatoes are taking a lot longer than I thought. I just hope they didn't freeze in the keen frost a couple of weeks ago.

My pallets are ready to go too. I'm just deciding where they should go in the garden. So much choice. Here is a sneak peak of how they will hopefully look once my seedlings are transplanted.

Unfortunately my computer is not allowing the photo to be uploaded. I will try again later :(

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lay a little egg for me...

We are back in egg production. Whoop whoop. Our chicken are on a mission. Winter saw less and less eggs so much less that I had to buy some from the store:(

Last week there was a complete turn around. I found 12 in the dog pen and around 11 in the hen house. My little chickens are working hard and so am I. The freezer is being stockpiled with baked goods and I enjoyed a good breakfast of pancakes yesterday.