Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting it out there..

OK, so I want my cookbook  to be a success. I want people to be interested in it, so how am I going to let them know about it?  Advertise, advertise, advertise!!!! Easier said than done. But done nevertheless.
At first I didn't know where to start. I toyed with the idea of a blog. I researched how to get  a book published, self published versus using publishing  house (that's another blog post in itself). I was becoming overwhelmed. So I took the bull by the horns and just went for it. The blog came first followed by  links on  my face book and emails to all my friends. Fliers were designed by my boyfriend and were dotted around book stores, coffee shops  and public libraries. Wherever there was a notice board a flier went up. They were even posted to my sister in England!!  I know that I will have to keep advertising through out the whole process  so  my thoughts are now heading to farmers markets and food fairs.

The  process has  been so exciting, but the hard work is yet to come. I keep dreaming  of  having a book  launch party for my family and friends. Guess what's mainly on  my mind? Which canapes  I can serve? Bruschetta with our home grown tomatoes, stuffed mushrooms, chicken satay with hot peanut sauce, baked brie, cold  meet platters, baked figs  with proscutto, the  list is endless. I'm  obsessed,  but I'm loving it

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