Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Cups, grams, pounds & ounces?  What does the world want?  My mother uses pounds & ounces and my sister uses grams. Surely it would be easier for everyone to all use the same. Maybe its tradition or simplicity that determines our choice.

England supposedly went metric about 30 years ago, with everything to be measured in grams and kilograms, Canadians too have been taught metric for the past 20 years however markets in both countries sell produce in pounds and ounces. I suppose its what we're comfortable with.

I prefer to use cup measurements and often convert recipes to these. I find it easier and you don't have to lug the huge baking scales out, although I'm sure, that modern day scales are now light and less cumbersome. It also allows me try out recipes on several occasions to ensure that they taste good every time. Thats how I came up with my Country muffins, I knew the batter could hold more ingredients so I threw in sultanas, more spices, rolled oats and lemon rind. They turned out wonderful and they are best enjoyed with a steaming mug of strong coffee.

So for the book my recipes will consist of cup measurements and the amounts of food items needed. As for my mother and sister I will have to purchase them some measurement cups.

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