Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blogging so far

Time to reflect on blogging. It is great!! At first I was a little apprehensive, not sure what to expect and how it all worked. I thought I would run out of ideas to write about, but that is not the case. It expands your mind and your thought process's, allowing a multitude of topics to be revealed. It keeps you motivated and excited about what you are planning to achieve. The hardest thing is not to jump ahead of yourself and with me that is easier said than done.

Ian spent all of last night correcting my grammar on the blog posts, hence the changes on the previous posts. I tend to write the way I say things which is often back to front and when that is mixed with excitement the English language is lost. As I have said before Ian loves photography, so he has a big part to play in the presentation of the book. Every time I make a culinary delight, the camera comes out and the food shows off.. The photos are excellent, in fact they are beyond excellent (maybe I'm a little biased), the food looks appetizing and makes me want to eat it.

Does it matter if no-one is viewing my blog? Yes, but  for the time being I am happy dedicating time to my own little world, my blog.

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