Friday, August 28, 2009

Starting to write

Two posts in one day. I'm getting so excited. So I think I was a little hasty by posting my breakfast post but I think I'm ready to start writing the first installment for the book. I have a nice selection of breakfasts recipes and have been testing them out to ensure that they are easy to use and that the end product turns out delicious. Presently I'm waiting for my batter to rise to make cinnamon rolls. Making cooked or baked breakfasts always reminds me of my paternal grandmother, when ever we stayed at her house we always woke up to the smell of bacon frying and freshly buttered toast. My house too smells like that when we have a special breakfast and my thoughts always go to grandma and her one eyed Egyptians. A piece of fried bread with a fried egg sunk into the middle. I never knew why it was called a one eyed Egyptian though.

OK, so if I am going to start to write this book I need to know how it is going to get published and what the process is. After researching what my options were, self publishing versus a publishing house I decided to choose self publishing. I wanted the experience to be pleasant and free from stress. Am I asking too much?. I had my vision and motivation, surely that is all I needed? How naive, there is a lot more involvement than just that. After reading about publishing houses, you needed an editor and then an agent who would promote your book to the appropriate publishing house. The publishing house would then decide if they wanted to publish the book and then they would buy the rights from the writer and pays them royalties. It is then up to the publishing house as to how the book should be designed, packaged and sold. This lead me to think that there was more to this than meets the eye. Even though I have chosen self publishing I still need to have the book edited and the grammar checked but on the positive side I have full input in how the book is going to be designed, packaged and sold.

In England I used to work in a coffee shop at the weekends. It was such a breath of fresh air for me, it allowed me to chill out from all the stresses I received from working as a ward manager during the week. If you screwed up an order at the coffee shop it didn't matter, you just remade the order. If you screwed up as a nurse it did matter. Thats why I want to enjoy this experience and have as less stress as possible. This adventure is to be fun. Wish me luck....

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