Saturday, August 22, 2009


Why is anyone going to think my recipes are any good? Why does anybody think anyone's recipes are any good? Its all about desirability. Everyone has different opinions on everything so why isn't food any different? I prefer starters to desserts whereas Ian prefers desserts.

OK, so I'm not a trained chef and have had no special training. The closest I have been to a professional kitchen is in a restaurants dining room. Mind you, I have had experience in a large kitchen. I worked as a kitchen assistant in a residential home as a teenager. It was the best place ever.I learnt so much there.My main role was the chief potato peeler and dish washer. The Sunday roast was my forte. The cook would roast the meat in the AGA and I would look after the roast potatoes. Those were the days. I always made sure the roast potatoes tasted awesome. A few extra spuds were peeled just for me.....

I like to use fresh food and food that is in season, food always tastes the best then. Sometimes I'll buy fruit or veg and won't have a clue what I'm making with it, that's when creativity comes in. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. You may think that not everyone has the time to get loads of fresh fruit and veg and it takes time to prepare... True it takes time to get the food and I'm quite partial to using packaged food, mainly pastry cases and dessert bases. This saves time so it balances out.

As I've said before, if I like a recipe and it works out well on a few occasions it goes into my recipe file. I once made a chocolate cake that looked perfect but when I cut into it the batter was raw. I made it the second and third time and it was perfect. I should have baked it in two seperate pans from the begining. I was being lazy!!

If my recipes appeal to your palate. Give them a try, that's all I can ask.

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