Friday, September 4, 2009

Its coming along

Yes its true, the first recipes were entered into the book yesterday.  It took me a good few hours to enter four breakfast recipes, but  I am pleased with the layout and design so far.  It took me a while to figure out how I would present variations of my recipes, for example  how you could simply change my pancake recipe to create blinis with smoked salmon. I decided to keep them on the same  page otherwise I would be re-writing the recipe instructions and  repeating myself  too often. I thought that on the picture page I could incorporate the variations associated with the initial presenting recipe, so that the reader can visualize the different dishes. I now just need Ian to proof read the recipes to ensure that they make sense before I proceed with the remaining breakfast recipes. I think that will have to be a weekend job.

My cooking has taken a backseat this week as I have been working at the hospital so I am itching to get back into the kitchen to experiment. I want to make a special dinner for labor day on Monday so I am thinking; braised lamb shanks with root vegetables followed by a cheats cheesecake. I have had the cream cheese in the fridge with the the whipping cream for almost a week and it is crying out to be used. I want to try and  infuse fresh mint  into sugar  water and turn this into a syrup and add it into the cheesecake and top it off with shaved dark chocolate. If the infusion syrup doesn't work it will have to be mint essence  although I am hoping it will work. Has anyone got any tips?

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