Thursday, September 24, 2009


My Ego is getting rather large now, I have just spoken to best friend and she wants to place an order to buy my book for her sister as a Christmas present. I would love to finish the book by then but I have told her that it will be the photos that may hold it up. So now I have two definite orders, yes both are family and friends but it is a start, people are interested.

My friend was shocked when I told her I was going to write a cook book, at first she thought it was sad,  but now to be honest I think she is rather proud. She said she didn't know that I liked cooking as much as I do, but really how could she. I left home at nineteen to go to university and since then have always lived further away from her. Whenever we catch up its always discussions about what we have been doing socially and how our families are, food never really comes into it.

This week I have been catching up with everyone, my parents, sister and new friends here in Canada. Whispers of Christmas have also been floating around and of course that involes parties and food. I have a few things in mind, one idea is having people round for Christmas drinks, mulled wine (mullered wine I like to call it) and picky food and the other is Christmas dinner. I would love to cook a suckling pig, yes you heard me right, ambitous or what?. I think however this would be a huge amount of meat for Ian and I to devour, so maybe if we had guests over for christmas this could happen. Its too early to say but I would love the experience of creating a spectacular main dish. Yay!!!

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