Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cheats cheesecake

So I thought I would let everyone know the cheesecake worked.(I know I was planning this for Monday but I just could not wait). Yippee, I love it when a made up recipe turns out well. The infused mint worked a treat, although at one point it did smell like something out of a herbology class, but once the sugar was added it was something quite different and pleasurable. I decided to let the cheesecake chill overnight to set and then this morning I drizzled it with dark chocolate and removed the side of the cake tin. I think that if I was serving this for a dinner party I would leave it in the cake tin up until the last minute. My next experiment is to see how long it can hold its shape for, once out of the tin, well that is if I can hold myself back from stealing a slice or two.

The plan for today is to add some more breakfast recipes into the book and then go food shopping for our carpet picnic tonight. Could not ask for a better day really. Carpet picnics are awesome. I was introduced to them by a previous landlady whilst I was at University. It is basically lots of picky food served on trays whilst sitting on a rug scattered with cushions in the middle of the lounge. Its such a relaxed atmosphere especially with a few glasses of ice cold white wine. I can't wait for tonight...

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