Saturday, September 12, 2009

Next week

Ian and I have been on opposing shifts this week so I have not really had the opportunity to cook some of my fail safe recipes so next week this plans to change. I am going to concentrate on some lunch dishes that are quick and easy to prepare. I am thinking of chicken quesadilla with avocado cream, rice wraps with peanut dipping sauce and rosemary flat bread with tuna herb mayonnaise amongst a few others. Gosh we will be fed well. Whenever Ian goes to work with something other than a sandwich I am sure his colleagues think "Oh Alex is on a cookathon again".

I love to prepare special lunches especially when friends are coming round. It is a lovely way to break up the day and I love it when your guests are impressed with the spread you have presented. I once arranged to meet a friend who was stressed out studying at home, she  needed a break and we arranged for me to come over with lunch. The lunch was simple and delicious, a big hunk of bread laced with cheese and ham, baby tomatoes, slices of ham and my orange with feta and mint salad. It was extremely welcomed and lasted all afternoon. Lunch is a much more casual affair than dinner and yet just as enjoyable, it is also a lot easier to prepare.  

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