Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pasta Night

I love pasta night, you can sit on the sofa with a huge bowl of pasta and homemade garlic bread and just gorge. There is nothing more satisfying. I always feel so proud that I made it from scratch. Home made pasta is so quick and easy to make. I must admit I tend to use it for lasagna, ravioli and tagelletele only because I can not be bothered to mold shapes individually. Yes I can be lazy, I like good food but I also like to cut corners too. Years ago I tried to make pasta and I ended up with this thick horrible non tasty mess. The secret to making good pasta is based on three main points, firstly to get the moisture content right, secondly to knead it well and thirdly to roll it out thinly. A pasta machine is ideal, but I use a rolling pin only because I have no pasta machine. My rolling pin up until a few months ago was a wine bottle. Classy or what? At the moment I use a cookie cutter to cut the ravioli out and then sandwich the fillings between two pieces, it looks so elegant, however I am tempted to buy a ravioli tray so you do not waste the pasta and it is easier.

I love to browse round the cook shops admiring all there products. I have my eye on two pieces of kitchen equipment the first is a kitchen aid mixer and the second is a le creuset cassorole dish. (I always go for the expensive brands. Trust me!!!) The casserole dish can wait but I am eager to purchase the mixer. Well its nearly christmas so lets pray. Ian has been shown this mixer so many times that I think he has finally got the hint.

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