Monday, September 21, 2009

A bit of a lull

That is how I feel about the book at the moment. I was going great guns at it last week and since then it has definitely come to an abrupt stop and I know the reason why. Its the one major thing in our lives, work. When we are at work we want to be home and when we are at home we want to be at work. We can't win either way. I must admit though since starting this adventure I love my days off as they are mostly filled with my number one passion, cooking. The only thing is that my days off always seem to rush by and the next thing I know I am back at work wishing to be off. This week I plan to make a good old hearty beef stew and I will be wanting Ian to photograph the dish. Last week it felt like the we were working opposite shifts to each other, so no photos were taken. Once I am back in the kitchen and the photos have been processed, this should then give me inspiration to write the 'Dinner' chapter and then the lull will be over.

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