Monday, September 7, 2009

Lazy but productive

What a fantastic day, it started off with a lovely long sleep in, followed by a refreshing walk on the waterfront. I took my camera looking for potential photo opportunities to add to the book, but to no avail. I did see a huge ripe pumpkin but unfortunatley the birds had made a meal of it, something that would not have looked appetizing if presented in the book. Whilst on our walk we were diverted into one of the shopping malls where there happens to be a fantastic photography shop, Ian was in heaven. So after we spent a small fortune and carted our gifts home I showed Ian how I had progressed with the book. I thought he might be more critical, but he was very impressed, although his first comment was "you need some photos". In reply" that is your domain darling", he did not seam to be overwhelmed by the task ahead.

Ian has been great. If I have a photo opportunity he is there taking the picture often having to wait for his meal once the food has been photographed.  I once saw a  television program on food designers and was shocked that people actually have jobs making food out of crap, for example using vegetable shortening and powdered sugar to make ice cream that it does not melt under the studio lights. It may look appetizing in the magazine but in fact it is inedible ,more of an oily disaster instead of a sweet treat. All I can say is that the photographs that will be taken for my book will be the original dish.

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