Saturday, September 19, 2009

Loose ends

This week I feel like I have accomplished a multitude of tasks and tidied up a few loose ends. I started and finished the salad and lunch chapters and even inputted one photo. Yes the first photo went in. I can now view a double page spread as it should be, a picture followed by a recipe, there are no gaps. Yay!!!. I am feeling very proud of the upcoming book.

So the book is progressing well and so are our plans for our October holiday. Our larder ingredients have been bought and Ian has bought additions for his camera. I can't wait to see his photos from the trip. (Yes I know we have not even gone yet). I am so excited to go, we are both ready for a holiday and definitely need the time to relax. I have already let my mind run wild with the thoughts of what we can cook on our open fire. We are having Thanksgiving away and weather permitting I am looking forward to grilled pumpkin slices with herb butter, whereas Ian looks forward to the roasted meat cooked in our dutch oven. Lets just say there will be lots of experimenting going on.

With the approaching trip and Ian's camera skills I have also been giving it some thought as to how the front cover should look. I definitely want a wrap around photo and was thinking that a scene of us chilling in our hammock surrounded by food would be awesome, as it shows everyone how relaxed we are and I am sure that a couple of glasses of wine in the scene will finish it of nicely. We will see, you just have to use your imagination.

Talking about imagination I had to use it for dinner tonight. The fridge was looking bare, there was a bunch of week old asparagus, two potatoes, two peppers and a handful of tomatoes. I had managed to pull out some Italian sausages from the freezer to add some protein to our meal but I still had no idea what to make, so I decided to cut all the veg up and throw them onto a baking tray with the sausages. I added some garlic,olive oil and herbs and roasted it all. It turned out pretty good considering we basically had nothing. Roll on food shopping tommorow.

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