Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Soup and Cookies

I am loving the soup, it is so easy to make. At the moment I am into Broccoli and Stilton, although I often like tomato but I do find that the tomato soup can be a little acidic. Apparently if you add balsamic vinegar it reduces the acidity, I know that sounds strange adding acid to acid but it does work. I always make the base of my soup the same no matter what flavour I desire, two carrots, a medium onion, two small potatoes, cellery and chicken stock. I then add whatever flavor I want it to be. I prefer a smooth soup so you do not have to worry about how neat your vegetables have to be chopped, my only exclusions to this is when making a chicken flavored soup. There is a pumpkin soup I want to try, the magazine I saw it in had it presented so well. It was served in a hollowed out baby pumpkin and was scattered with pumpkin seeds. I think that would be lovely to serve as a starter for a special dinner. (Maybe Thanksgiving) I always think soup is healthy as it is an easy way to get loads of vegetables into your diet, it is packed with flavour and fills you up nicely. What more can you ask for.

Todays mission is to make some special occasion cookies and I get to use my new mixer for the second time!!! This is one of my sisters recipes and I cannot wait to try them. She made them as wedding favours for her friends wedding and decorated them in pink icing. They were presented in cellophane bags and tied with pink ribbons. How perfect. I am making them to take with us on out trip so I am off to the cookshop to buy an ornate cookie cutter. I love making food and linking it to special occasions, it is just the best.

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