Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oscar Wilde had it right.

How many English languages do we require? I say this with respect to the different spelling and meaning of words, for example; coriander is used in England whereas it is known in Canada as cilantro, porridge is oatmeal and rocket is arugula. I just can't keep up. I am not sure if I should add a page to the book informing the readers of the different name variations, I do not want them to think I am offending them. What would the professionals do? Maybe I will have to Google and research the answer to this question. The other issue I am having is, do I go for the North American way of spelling, or the UK spelling. Surely I should stick to the UK spelling as I was brought up and schooled there. However I am now living in Canada, so should I embrace the North American way of spelling? Aghhhh the decisions. I like the quote from Oscar Wilde, he once said  "we have much in common but one of those things is not language". Ultimatley the book is available for anyone to buy in any country. All I can say thank goodness I am not translating it into any other language than English.

More recipes have been inputted into the book and I think I have reached page 40-41. I am still only half way through my lunch chapter so I am beginning to feel a little overwhelmed at how big this book could ultimately become. I must admit though I am very proud of how it is turning out. I am currently concentrating on writing the recipes and have left gaps for where the photographs will be inputted. Once all the recipes are inputted I will  then check them for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I think I will get a couple of people to read through them to see if they understand the recipe process's and add any changes that need to be made. The next big job is writing the monologues. I have a notepad where I where I keep jotting down my ideas so I know that that will be my saviour.

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