Sunday, September 6, 2009

" The season is a changing"

Well Autumn is rapidly approaching, it was only yesterday that I had commented to a friend that I could feel the autumn chill in the air. Although I loved the long hot summer I now can not wait for the fall. All the food changes for me too, hearty soups, delicious stews and desserts made with apples and pears. Cooking seems to be more homely and the smell of slow cooking fills the house giving it that cosy feeling. There is nothing like coming in from a cold windy day to be greeted with a hot wholesome meal. Autumn could not come at a better time,  I have nearly finished inputting my breakfast recipes (although I am sure that more work will be needed on that chapter) and I can now focus my attentions on creating my main meals before adding them to my cook book. I like to make sure that all the recipes I am planning to use are still as tasty as I can remember and it also gives me a chance to remember how much of each ingredient is needed. As the autumn is arriving its time to make the stews, it starts today, Yay!!!

Hearty meals deserve a huge side of mashed potatoes, its just the best. Hot buttery smooth salted potatoes. You can add just about anything to them, rosemary, onion, garlic, pesto and cheese. Our favorite is roasted garlic and rosemary, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. We are very lucky to have two huge bushes of rosemary in our complex, which we often indulge in. 

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