Thursday, September 10, 2009


After three twelve hour shifts its time to relax with a nice plate of comfort food and a large glass of red, kindly provided by one of my patients. Ahhh bliss. Firstly I am so pleased to see that I have another follower and this follower is very special as I do not know who they are. How did they find my blog? I do not know but thank you. Having gained an unknown follower I decided to search for other blogs on writing cookbooks to see if I had any competition. To be honest I found very little although there was one blog that took my eye and after reading the entries I realised that they had similiar thoughts and processes to me these being, waking up during the night with inspiration, getting the recipes and pictures organised and sharing important family influences with the readers. Sometimes I will be unable to sleep at night as I am thinking of recipes that should be inputted into the book or I am visualizing the pictures that will be used. Once I have imagined how it should look I finally then go to sleep.

Yesterday whilst at the book store I could not stop myself from flicking through all the recipe books, I just love it. I love the way some of the books are laid out and I am pleased to say that my recipes are just as good  and possibly even better than the professionals. Can I say that?... well I just did!!! On return from the store I checked into one of the coffee shops to see if my flyer was still on the notice board, it was nowhere to be seen. I can either take this two ways, the first being that all the strips had been taken off the flyer or secondly no-one was interested and it was taken down. I like to think it was the first option although I think it is time to advertise with my flyers once more. I always keep a couple in my bag so if I see any opportunities to advertise, up goes a flyer.

My sister has been a little slack with sending her fail safe recipes, she promises to send more this week as she has the week off work, but I can not say I have recieved any yet (Sorry Steph). The recipes I have already recieved are mainly desserts which is great as I am not really a dessert girl although my favorite dessert I always succumb to is a chocolate tart served with fresh raspberries. It always reminds me of when Ian surprised me and booked a romantic night at a Scottish castle. I had always said I would love to stay in a castle, it was perfect. The restaurant was in the dungeon and the guest rooms were themed, we stayed in the Robert the Bruce room and unbeknown to me Ian had arranged to have a bottle of champagne on ice delivered to the room. The grounds boasted a large falconry which we enjoyed so much, we got to meet the cutest of owls and the strongest of eagles. Anyway I am digressing from the point, as part of our evening meal I had a chocolate tart served with raspberries and mint ice cream, not any ice cream, a creamy vanilla bean ice cream flecked with natural mint herb. My mouth is just watering thinking about it. Since having this dessert I have been experimenting how to make this gastronomic delight, well now I know and yes I am going to be sharing it with my readers.

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  1. I'm an unknown commenter. We're out here! nice blog. I'm not your competition, but we are rambling newly-weds from Canada.