Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wedding Plans

Everything is coming together nicely, My dress has been altered and my petticoat has been made. I have my eye on some lovely shoes which hopefully I can get very soon. The table decor is pretty much sorted too, white table cloths, brown craft paper runners with mason jars as vases for fresh flowers. I am still in 2 minds about flowers. I don`t know whether to have fresh flowers or potted plants. (We`ll see nearer the time). My friend is making a two tiered wedding cake and Ian has arranged a photographer.

The wedding aisle has been planned, a semi-circle of hay bales with the aisle running down the middle lit up with bamboo hurricane lanterns. The alter (per say) will be a table covered in a white table cloth where Ian and I will sign the register. Either side to the front of the table will be two logs with a large flower arrangement donned on top.

Our disco which will be in our barn will be decorated in white lights with ivory and green ribbons draping from the ceiling. The garden is to is be adorned with lots of fun games, horseshoes, moose knuckles, boche, mini golf and a coconut shy. I just pray that it does not rain. Only two months to go.......

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