Monday, May 21, 2012

It's a dogs life

Two days ago we had a visitor, a young border collie unfortunately with no name. He made himself comfortable sitting on the patio looking all content and to be honest has not really moved since ... well a quick run round the garden every so often.

It is quite unusual for a dog to turn up as we do not live in a populated area so we have no idea how he arrived here. He is definitely an outside dog and he is very well behaved.  We have put a shout out on the radio and have also contacted the SPCA so hopefully this lovely dog can be reunited with his family who must be missing him so much.

I hope he does find his family... Our home is beginning to feel like a rescue center. We have two dogs, one which we adopted, a cat that we took in and a sheep that came with the purchase of our home. We have temporarily called our new visitor Bumar. We hope he enjoys his little visit.

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