Sunday, May 6, 2012

Long May weekend

This morning was just perfect. The morning sun shone down showing how green and lush the garden was. Ducks were flying over head. The cockerels were crowing. The sheep was grazing on the long green shoots of fresh grass. The dogs were playing with their toys and I was pottering around make my pallet garden. Thats right a garden made from a pallet.

I shoveled some topsoil into the lined pallet before transplanting my broccoli and lettuce seeds. Im not sure if this is going to work but it is fun trying. Yesterday afternoon I transplanted my peas and radishes into our planter and left a nice wide space for my carrots which I think are to immature to transplant just yet. I do hope my vegetable gardens do well. It is the first real time that I have started to garden. My tomato plants have failed this year so I will be cheating and buying some from the local nursery which I can then grow in pots. I think next year I will start my seedlings in a make shift greenhouse. They have taken a long time to start sprouting and are still very small. The joys of living up North.

Wouldn't it be lovely to have a fresh bounty of vegetables at your door. Lets hope I have grown enough!!!!

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