Saturday, April 3, 2010

House Hunting

Last week we were house hunting. You may think what has house hunting got to do with food? For me it has everything to do with food. Memories are made from food whether its preparation, eating or having guests come round for dinner. For me one of the important rooms is the kitchen and dining room. I have always envisaged having a kitchen diner, when I say this I don't mean an eighties themed kitchen diner more of a farmhouse type kitchen diner where the table sits proudly in the kitchen. I am wanting a relaxing and social environment, not a formal dining area. Yes a formal dining area has it's part for some but not for me. I would love to create a homely kitchen dining area. I love the idea of having a mix and match kitchen, where not all pieces match but they complement each other. Natural wooden cabinets or maybe white painted cabinets? Cabinets inlay-ed with glass panels. Natural wood or granite worktops? and definitely a natural wooden kitchen/dining table. To be honest I have already seen the table I desire, an antique pine table with lathed white chunky legs which would seat eight very comfortably. Yes I know, its huge and yes we don't own a house, so that is why the table remains in the store and not with me. (Maybe some day!!!) To add to my neurotic-ism (I think I have just invented this word) I have also been prowling around numerous appliance stores and have found the perfect stove. It is a six burner gas stove made from what looks like cast iron with a large oven. (I can just picture me cooking on it). However for now we need to find a home before all this can become reality.

Not only have I been dreaming of my perfect kitchen, Ian and I have been planning on what we want from the house and surrounding land. A vegetable plot is high on priorities, alongside a herb garden and maybe some chickens. At present I could pass on the chickens as I am becoming a little overwhelmed with everything. I'm sure though that some chickens will be in our future but for now they will be on our dinner plate only.

I love the idea of being able to grow some of your own produce and make wonderful dishes from your gardening empire. This is what I am getting really excited about (as well as the kitchen no less). I have much to learn about creating and developing a vegetable plot. The nearest I have got is growing some tomatoes plants from seed in my kitchen window. I did start out with twelve and currently have three left!!!(A lot more practice is needed!!) A good friend of mine is an avid gardener so I will be sapping some knowledge from her. I have also offered to help with her community vegetable plot.

My Grandmother used to keep a vegetable plot at the bottom of her garden and I always remember that she had potatoes,onions, runner beans, grapes, strawberries and plums. Even now I think she still has some produce growing. I know that only recently she had made some strawberry jam from her yield, not bad for eighty four!!! (Sorry Gran).

We have dreamed our dream and now it is time to make it come true.  Wish us luck.

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