Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Seafood Feast

I have a confession to make, my vegetarianism is not going so well. I can't blame anyone but myself, my will power is weak but my love for food is strong. Why deny myself opportunities of tasting new flavors.... I know, I know I'm justifying my actions and the only person I am letting down is myself. To be honest though I don't feel like I'm letting my self down, I'm exploring my foodie side and I love it. Here is a picture though to show you that I did start out well, a yummy plate of roasted vegetables with soft poached eggs.

This weekend I was exploring my foodie side down in Seattle. I had two must do's, firstly to visit the famous pike market and the second was to see the Delancey restaurant (another foodies achievement...Molly Wizenberg). I was introduced to Molly Wizenberg by a close friend who bought me a copy of her cook book for my birthday, which I read from cover to cover in about four days. After being captivated by her style of cooking and her passion for food I began to follow her blog and the adventures of opening her restaurant with her husband Brandon. As we were in Seattle I had no reason not to visit Delancey's, I wanted to see their achievements and visualize how the restaurant looked. I felt like I had to see the restaurant just to show my gratitude towards their passion...I was proud of them.

Their achievement often makes me think, would I like to own a restaurant? As much as I love to cook I don't think I would. I couldn't cope with all the stress in the kitchen, however my mind does drift off at times thinking of how I would design a restaurants menu. I would have a menu of small plates, ensuring that all the food was fresh and home made. Listen to me hey.... So many thoughts and ideas!!!

Whilst in Seattle, we ate the best seafood, the best cheese (Yes, the best cheese!!) and the best bread. We even got to see fresh cheese being made. I was in foodie heaven. We went for a seafood feast, where we were given a wooden mallet a fork and a wooden board. The steamed seafood was poured out onto the table and we dived in cracking the crab shells with the mallets and poking the fork in to get every last juicy piece of meat. It was great and I can't wait to recreate this at home, although I won't be pouring it over the dining room table.

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  1. Love, I have a FABULOUS cookbook that you would love, it's one I got for Christmas from 10,000 villages, it's vegetarian meals from all over the world (excluding Canada, the USA, England, Scotland, the vast majority of Western Europe, and all of Oceania). They're PAINFULLY easy to cook, and very cheap (lots of legumes!). But so so so tasty.

    You will not miss meat, I promise you. :) And neither will Ian!