Tuesday, October 27, 2009


As you all  know I love to  cook. It is my hobby and my passion, I love to prepare meals and more importantly I love sharing meal times with family and friends. It is a time where people can spend time talking, whether  it be catching up on current news or reminiscing on old stories. It slows your day down as you make time for each other. Our most relaxing meal time has to be a day where we have both been off work, this typically is a Sunday for most families, however with us working shifts, it can be any day of the week. I always try and plan to have  a  'proper dinner' at least once a week (meaning a  meat  and two veg dinner, although it is not always meat) serving a main course followed by a dessert. with a bottle of wine also making it to the table. We have planned so many of  our adventures over dinner and no doubt will continue to do so. Come to think of it, the blog idea came from  one of those conversations and look where that has got me now!!!

This weeks proper dinner will be on Sunday and I am  planning to do a dish with pork belly. It will be an experiment as I have not cooked with pork belly before. I am thinking  of poaching it in cider and  apple juice with a couple of bay leaves, thyme and mixed  peppercorns and then allowing it to cool overnight before roasting it  in the oven to make it  crispy. I'll use the poaching  liquor to make  a sauce and serve it with braised red cabbage with BC grown apples and  a  potato dish. I'll let you know how it turns out. Who knows it could become a favorite.

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