Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm back

After a much needed holiday I can now refocus on the cookbook, Yay!!! Many people have asked me what the title is going to be and to be honest I haven't got a clue. I don't want to sound selfish and name the book after myself and I don't want to make the title into a one word statement for example; Enjoy. I would like to keep it casual and grab peoples attention. I feel a visit is needed to the book store to research possible titles and gain inspiration.

Although there is no title to the book, the front cover photo has been designed and processed and it looks awesome. We spent a whole afternoon taking photos from every angle you could possibly think of. Ian was stood up on chairs, the tripod was at bizarre angles and the flash was going into overdrive. The photo turned excellent and was well worth the effort and the gymnastics!!!!

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